The sunken ship fallacy

Black and white photo of an old shipwreck on a beach
Black and white photo of an old shipwreck on a beach
Photo by Andrew Bowyer on Unsplash

Yesterday, I spent hours crafting a blog post before, eventually, deleting it.

I decided to write about diversity & inclusion, following a conversation with Meesh Pallo, the People and Culture Manager at Made Tech. During the conversation, I suggested a “gentle warm-up exercise” as an opener for the D&I session Meesh was writing. Meesh kindly asked whether I was recommending a “gentle” introduction because I prioritised the comfort of the attendees over the delivery of the message. It pulled me up short and gave me something to contemplate all week.

It drove me to spend time further educating myself about…

Weeknotes 1.1 | Week ending 25/04/2021

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

This week was another busy week as I continued working with the team to develop the MHCLG account strategy whilst simultaneously working to understand the current projects better.

The largest workstream is an alpha phase project, so a large proportion of my week involved user-centred design. Although I had worked with UCD experts in my previous role at Valtech, most of the projects were in the private sector. Often the decision had already been made to build (or rebuild) something that would meet a business’ objectives. …

Weeknotes 1.0 | Week ending 18/04/2021

Blue flowers (Muscari) on a white background
Blue flowers (Muscari) on a white background
Photo by Maarten Deckers on Unsplash

The season of changes

Every year spring creeps up on me slowly throughout March, before arriving suddenly with a fit of colour and hay fever induced sneezing in April. Muscari, snake’s head fritillary and bluebells emerge in my garden, days get longer and my energy levels increase as I emerge from my mental hibernation.

This year spring coincided with me starting a new job as a delivery principal at Made Tech, an agency that specialises in working with public sector teams to deliver great services for users. As a delivery principal (DP) I provide delivery assurance, support and…

Laura Burnett

She / Her. Climber, runner and prolific audiobook consumer. Delivery Principal at Made Tech, Bristol.

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